The International Award Winning Bodyspanner is the most complete, sophiscated and versatile self treatment tool on the market for targeting Trigger Points and Self Myofascial Release.

The modular design enables all of its parts to be interchanged and customised to suit every body shape and size to effortlessly replicate traditional therapeutic techniques.

The Bodyspanner is literally hundreds of tools in the one package giving you the flexibility to apply precise directional treatment pressure to any targeted regions of the body to relieve pain, restore normal movement, Improve mobility, speed up recovery and improving performance.


The Bodyspanner includes; a Shaft (mini roller), 2 Large balls and 2 Medium balls (each ball set has one ball with a molded steel pin and one without),

The Bodyspanner Pro includes 2 extra small balls (one with a steel folded pin and one without), a 1/2 half ball (with moulded pin) and an universal adapter pin for ultimate flexibility, enabling you to make every major configuration seen throughout all the video instruction and programming excluding belt applications.

The Bodyspanner Pro + is a combined Bodyspanner Pro and Belt Addaptor and is the ultimate athlete self treatment system enabling you to make every major configuration seen throughout all the video instruction and programming.

The Bodyspanner comes un assembled with video instruction on how it can be configured for wide variety of applications.

The Bodyspanners different sized treatment heads, or balls, with fixed pins, can either free-spin or lock. These fixed-pin balls can be ‘locked’ by inserting a locking pin or adapter pin into the pin holes.

When using the Bodyspanner for the first time, it is recommended that you configure and use the device according to the instructions. Once you become familiar with a few basic configurations and techniques, the Bodyspanner is limited only by your imagination.

We have spent years working out which configurations work the best for each area so you don’t have too!

Below is a list of the major configurations or different treatment tools you can make with The Bodyspanner.Click here to upgrade to The Bodyspanner Pro

Shaft 245 mm x40mm
Large ball 98 mm
Medium Ball 70mm
Small Ball 40mm
Side Car
Race Car
Treatment Mate

Plantar fascia Pain Syndrome

What is it? The plantar fascia is a broad, flat ligament which supports the arch of the foot. The ligament runs from the heel of the foot and attaches to the bones at the base of each toe. Plantar fasciitis is an overuse condition where the plantar fascia becomes inflammed [i].

Prevalence – Plantar fasciitis is a one of the most common soft-tissue injuries to the foot[i]. It is estimated to account for 11-15% of foot problems which require professional assistance. The majority of these are runners. For the general population, the highest incidence occurs between 40 and 60 years of age[i].

Symptoms –

Pain under the heel, especially with weight bearing after prolonged periods of rest i.e. first thing in the morning
Exacerbation of pain occurs when standing for prolonged periods of time
Causes –

Tight calf muscles, which limit the mobility of the ankle
Overpronation (inwards rolling) of the foot
Carrying extra weight places more strain on the arch of the foot
Prolonged standing or walking on hard surfaces i.e. cement
Sudden increase in frequency and intensity of running
Inappropriate and unsupportive footwear

Fix your Plantsfascia pain syndrome

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