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Unlocking limitations and optimising your performance starts here with The Bodyspanner ...the most versatile myofascial release tool on the planet.

The International award winning Bodyspanner is the most complete, sophisticated and versatile tool on the market to relieve muscle aches and pains with a methodical approach to self treatment and movement optimisation targeting pain and stiffness like a pro.

The Bodyspanner evolved over many years while trying replicate hands on therepeutic techniques and principals to treat various parts of the body without the need of the therapist. From balls, pipes, axe handles, hammers, nuts, bolts, cables, belts, etc, I could do everything I needed to manage myself effectively then started sharing these techniques with friends, clients and family. Unfortunately, I needed all of these different tools to produce the desired effects and outcomes until the Bodyspanner arrived, a combinationn of years of research,work and development instantly changing the game. I give you...the most versatile myofascial release tool on the planet.

Now anyone can effectively target Myofascial pain syndromes and trigger points by effortlessly replicating therapeutic techniques and apply the perfect directional pressure to the exact targeted area every time enhance range of motion, manage niggling injuries or simply relieve unwanted tightness pain and stiffness the bodyspanner will deliver.

The power is in the hands of the user, restoring movement, improving mobility, speeding up recovery and optimising performance. Unlike any other device on the market. One tool for the entire body. Stretch, mobilise and release from head to toe – anywhere, any time.