About The Bodyspanner

The Bodyspanner was created out of necessity and my drive to help others.

I was 18 and in training for my first season as a pro player, and I was feeling confident and ready to take on the world. But then I suffered a devastating injury that ended my career before it even began. I was devastated. Despite being treated by the world’s best physical therapists my body was compromised. Partly as an answer to my lost career, I earned a graduate degree in physical therapy at University of Queensland, which is pretty much the centre of the universe for PT research and teaching. I opened my own PT practice where I treated plenty of regular clients but I also specialized in elite athletes – amateur and professional. They’re some of the best athletes in the world. It was great.

Unlock | Release | Relieve

In my early days as a massage therapist, I quickly learned that deep tissue work was essential for helping my clients to feel their best. However, I also discovered that performing this type of work with my hands could be damaging to my own body. In order to continue doing the work I loved without harming myself, I developed The Bodyspanner, a tool that mimics the thumb and allows therapists to apply deep pressure without using their hands. The Bodyspanner was a success with both clients and other therapists.

I'm excited to introduce and teach everyone to use my product! It's the result of nearly two decades of development, and it's been tested by my PT practice clients - some of the most demanding in the world. They've guided its development, and it's now ready and in stock for market. This product has 20 years' worth of proof of design excellence and incredible real-world results. I know you'll love it - everyone does! Thanks for considering it.

Now anyone can effectively target Myofascial pain syndromes and trigger points by effortlessly replicating therapeutic techniques and apply the perfect directional pressure to the exact targeted area every time enhance range of motion, manage niggling injuries or simply relieve unwanted tightness pain and stiffness the bodyspanner will deliver.

The power is in the hands of the user, restoring movement, improving mobility, speeding up recovery and optimising performance. Unlike any other device on the market. One tool for the entire body. Stretch, mobilise and release from head to toe – anywhere, any time.


"My Life Passion"

Corey Mouatt | Inventor & Founding Director


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