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The Bodyspanner is most versatile myofascial release tool on the planet.
Treat Myofascial Pain Syndromes, Muscle Tightnes, Joint Stiffness and Release Trigger Points Like Never Before!
Unlocking limitations and optimising your performance starts here.


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Low Back and Hips

Perfect for back and groin pain, sciatica the release of tight hips and gluts while improving hip mobilithfoer. any actiivity almost immediately.

Hip, Knee and Thigh

Perfect for back pain, hip tightness, ITB friction syndrome and sciatica while improving hip mobility and easing knee pain for any activity almost immediately.

Calf and Lower Leg

Perfect forcalf and achilles tightnesss, shin splints,plantar fascia pain syndromes and runners whileankle mobility for any activity almost immediately.

Mid-Upper Back and Neck

yoPerfect for restrictions contributint to thoracic, shoulder and neck conditions. Unlock thoracic spine and rib mobility for any activity almost immediately


Shoulder and Arm

Perfect for shoulder Elbow and Wrist pain.Relieve impingement syndromeswhile improving shoulder mobility for any activity almost immediatelyIf



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"I never leave home without it"

Ive tried pretty much everything and nothing comes close to the Bodyspanner. Truly the premium tool on the market.


"Bodyspanner is amazing"

As A Coach, a master in sports science and hands-on practitioner having worked with numerous world class athletes, Bodyspanner is always my first choice.


"You cant be that serious about your performance if you dont have a Bodyspanner...absolute game changer"

Its like having a world class therapist with me where ever i race.

"I work hard, i train hard, i cant afford down time from training"

Nothing compares, it's that simple!Recovery is the key to Performance and its Bodyspanner all the way!

Chris Woolley

Fraser Harrison

Liam McKenzie

Hannibal for King

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