Middle and Upper Back

Like a majority of conditions affecting the middle and upper back, neck pain and headache are usually the result of muscular overuse and strain due to poor posture and movement patterns. Sitting and standing with a ‘slumped’ posture places the neck and shoulders in an unideal position, leading to muscular tightness which can directly or indirectly cause neck pain and headache. Applying the Bodyspanner's local-regional-global model, it is important to address the middle and lower spines as well as the Shoulder and pelvis when treating this region as dysfunction in these areas directly affects how the neck and head are positioned.

Below is a list of conditions most commonly associated with the head and neck. Read through these to assess which one most closely fits your symptoms.
Be sure to check that you don’t have any ‘red flag’ symptoms which means you will first need to consult with you health practitioner before using the Bodyspanner.